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Georgia is not your typical dog at all. In fact, she might not really be a dog! Maybe when you read about her typical day, you will understand.


Each day at about 2pm, Georgia wakes up and looks at me to see if I’m awake.

Very often she will stand on top of my legs and stare at me until I open my eyes.

Once my eyes are open, Georgia expects to cuddle a bit and then be served breakfast.

After breakfast, Georgia follows me into my office where I check my email, Facebook, and Medium.

We often take a short stroll around the garden, which gives Georgia time to smell the flowers and do her business.

On our way back in the house, Georgia will always stop somewhere to strike a pose.

Georgia loves to watch me take a shower but always from a distance. When I begin to dry off, she comes in to lick the remaining water off my legs.

We watch the news together while I have dinner and Georgia has her evening snack.

While I enjoy a dessert or an after dinner drink, Georgia has her own treat. She loves her kefir and apple ice cream.

When it’s time for bed, Georgia waits for me to put on her pajamas and enjoys her bedtime cookie. We always kiss goodnight.


Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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