Oh, darling, when I heard the doorbell ring, I just knew it would be you! Have you been outside for very long, darling? At first I wasn’t sure if it was my phone ringing, the doorbell, or the doorbell on the television. And then, you know, I went to check the back door, too, and — Well, I just don’t move as quickly as I used to when I was younger. Remember how I used to dance with the children to all my favorite songs? And darling, don’t forget how I danced with you to all the musicals numbers. I’m sorry I couldn’t be there today to see our little tennis star. How was her lesson? Wasn’t it just darling the way she told me last week that she plays better when I’m watching her? Well, I was on my way, but I needed to stop at the bank first. When I got to the teller, my nose was dripping, and there was blood all over the front of my blouse! This nice young girl helped me, and she went to the — What’s the name of the place near the restaurant across the street from the bank and down a few shops? Yes, you know. I can’t think now. I’m so dizzy! She was gone for at least five minutes, and she brought me back a cup of ice. Such a nice, darling young girl. I’m so sorry I missed our little tennis player. What a shame because we had such a nice day planned. Tomorrow I need to find out what’s wrong with my nose. Do you remember when this happened a few years ago? Yes, you do, darling. The paramedics came, and there was that one who was simply marvelous and so handsome! I’m still not sure why this happens, darling. It may be my blood pressure. I’ll call the doctor tomorrow and make an appointment. But I’m supposed to see about my bladder with that nice young doctor that we like. I’m bleeding from there, too. But he probably won’t be able to tell me about my nose. Did I tell you that I bit into something and broke my front tooth? So I really couldn’t have joined you for lunch today, darling, because of the bleeding and my tooth. And tomorrow I have a very busy day. In fact, I’m going to be so busy that I’m going to have to cancel my appointment with the proctologist. I’m sure he’ll understand. He’s such a nice man.

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