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Bali Hai refers to a mystical island, visible on the horizon but not reachable

They met one day last spring while leafing through an online publication.

She read his stories about the love of his life, who died in 2015 after losing a long wrestle with cancer.

He read her stories about her father who, day after day until his death in 2006, inflicted pain upon her soul.

His stories always brought tears to her eyes and an aching in her heart. She never knew anyone who had loved so passionately and so perfectly. She had imagined it only happened in fairytales.

She wrote of solitude, of finding happiness in being alone with herself.

He wrote of his love, his loss, and the gravity of grief.

She looks forward to writing, days spent with her furry best friend, treating herself to tasty dinners of uni and fried fish heads. And wine.

He looks forward to writing, days spent with his furry best friends, living ordinary days as he circles around the sun. And whiskey.

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Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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