Christiana White, no, I actually didn’t think of writing that story. Maybe I should. Here’s a summary, though… I have two daughters, Amy (35) and Olivia (29). Olivia and I are extra specially close — best friends. She is my person and I am hers. She stayed home during high school and studied online so that she could play as much tennis as possible to receive a DIV 1 position on a good tennis team in California. I drove her to all her lessons, practice matches, tournaments, etc., and so we spent everyday 24/7 together.

When it was time to tour the schools, her first choice for a good tennis team was Fresno State. I made it very clear that I would not be driving to Fresno to watch her play, and that the Grape Vine was not how I wanted to spend my time ;) So when we visited San Diego State, of course, I was relieved that she was interested. A two and a half hour drive from Brentwood to SD doesn’t sound that bad, but when you consider that she would have only one day off a week from practice to drive home for a visit, it seemed like Brentwood and SD were oceans apart. I would cry thinking about being unable to grab a quick hug and kiss anytime of the day. Every time I thought about it I cried. Seriously. So I began to think about alternatives and came up with the idea of moving.

I bought a house in Point Loma (20 minutes from SDSU). I didn’t see her every day. Sometimes it was a whole week. But it worked for me because I knew that the love of my life was only 20 minutes away and that I could drive over to her any time I wanted. That was all I needed to stop myself from suffocating her. She always says she never went away from college because her mom went with her. So after college she got a job that has her traveling 3 or 4 times a year (mommy can’t go with).

She never went back to LA because she loves San Diego, and so do I. We are still as close as ever. She bought a condo 30 minutes from my house and still drives down to see me once or twice a week. Sometimes we cook dinner together, but mostly we go out for sushi at our favorite restaurant. And we text and talk several times each day.

She lets me know when she’s awake, when she’s going to sleep, and every time she has plans. It might be way too much for some, but it’s perfect for us. I hope you and Nina remain close, whether you decide to follow her to college or not. Mother/daughter relationships

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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