Elliot Nichols, by your response to Barbara Anastasia, I take it that you took her comments to be an attack on your character. I’m assuming you felt she was accusing you of being the husband in your work of fiction. I’m not so sure if that’s what she meant or if she highlighted your words and then just blasted out her opinion of a cheating spouse.

She said this:

“I have never understood why people cheat; why they are willing to violate their own integrity and damage the trust another person has placed in them. I just don’t understand willfully violating the sanctity of a “committed” relationship.”

And this:

“If you’re unsatisfied and unhappy enough with your partner to cheat, then END the substandard relationship — either by separating or by USING YOUR WORDS and working it out together, the way you promised.”

I happen to agree with both of your statements, Barbara. I’ve always felt that the damage caused would be irreparable, and in my life, I have always left the relationship before lying or cheating. But not everyone can do what might be the morally decent thing to do, Barbara Anastasia. There are those that don’t want to break up the family they created for many, many reasons, far too many to go into here. I’m sure you know this.

I’m still wondering why you took this writer’s work of fiction and used it as a springboard to open up this can of worms.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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