Gloria, I will have to read this some other time. You see, I am already crying just reading the words that I highlighted. I have a really difficult time thinking about Georgia some day not being here. You mentioned your partner thinks you’re somewhat “dark.” I can relate to that. Actually, I’ll share another story with you, too, which I believe will help you understand why I’m hesitant about reading your piece. And this is what I wrote in a Facebook chat message to a friend last night:

“I am so in love with Georgia that I know I will not be able to handle the pain when she is no longer here. I will want to die. I love her more than I want to live. I would put myself in front of a car first to save her. I will not be able to live with the pain. I will be in a hell much worse than those people who believe in brimstone and fire. Life will be my hell.”

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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