Hi Laura! Thanks for your message. If your daughter is able to control her OCD, she is very strong. The baby in my story is now thirty-six. We didn’t find out that she had OCD until 7th grade when she received a D on her English final. It was a red flag because up until that day, Amy had always gotten As and a sprinkling of B+. I called the school to speak with her teacher, only to find out that the reason for the D was that she had only completed one-fourth of the exam. She had left three-quarters blank. And another sign of OCD were the numerous amount of erasure marks on the answers she got correct. And everything she completed was correct. Long story short, I took her to UCLA for a battery of tests. When speaking with the psychiatrist, she asked me if I had any OCD behavior, and I told her about what I wrote in my story. She said most with OCD cannot control it as easily as I did, and it means that I had very mild OCD and a strong character. Amy entered a Paxil study, and as luck would have it received the placebo. It was really remarkable how quickly she returned to her previous behavior — hand washing, etc. Fast forward to the present time. She has never been able to get it under control. To this day she is still a hand washer (good for staying healthy haha). When she watches Netflix, she has to rewind all the time to make sure she caught every word. And there are numerous other symptoms of OCD she exhibits.

Now to read your new story :)

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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