I agree with most of what A McEnnis has said. I grew up in Beverly Hills, a small town much like Carmel, consisting of Jewish white doctors, lawyers, CPAs, producers, directors and lots and lots of celebrities of all colors. Although it was much earlier than when Alle was a child, even back then, there was no talk of prejudice that I remember. Back then, there was only one black boy in the school, and he was extremely popular. He was the son of one of the Marx brothers’ live-in housekeepers and was a close neighbor. Everyone loved Jimmy; in fact, recently, at a 50th high school reunion, he was sorely missed.

My experience has been exactly as Alle mentioned, with the poor and ignorant of every race being the racists; not the educated. And as an aside, in college when I told a black classmate of mine that I was Jewish, he told me he and most of his black friends hated Jews, and that he was surprised that I was.

I hope you will read A McEnnis’s response to your story, Ezinne. What she writes always resonates with me. What you write always does, as well. Keep writing what you write; it is your truth. No one can really argue with that.

Note to A McEnnis: Such fond memories of Carmel. Growing up, my family spent a week in Carmel most summers. My parents fell in love with the area when my father was stationed at Ford Ord in the early 40s.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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