I am so glad I saw this! I totally understand because I’ve always been afraid of speaking in front of people, too! So terribly afraid! And what’s really weird is that I was a theater arts minor in college. I remember in high school I would be just fine on the stage in front of a whole class room reciting my lines, BUT I would absolutely dread the beginning when I had to announce my monologue or scene. TERRIFIED!!! I never got over it. Several years after I graduated, I took a writing class at UCLA extension. I was terrified again when the teacher went around the room and asked everyone to tell something about ourselves. I was SWEATING!!!! I got so anxious that I walked out of the room and didn’t come back. I’m not kidding :(

So a few months ago, I received a Facebook Message from a stranger:

“I enjoy your writing on Medium and I’d love to have you on my radio show — you call in on a Sunday evening and we talk for about an hour. The mp3s for all 128 previous shows are available at www.johnmac13.com under the radio show tab. Have a binge weekend and listen to shows with Sara Paretsky, Chick Donohue, Paul Levinson, Thomas Kelly, Pamela McCorduck, Coleen Rowley, Frank Mulderrig, Steve Levy, Michele Somerville, Dan Sheehan, F. Paul Wilson, Rev. Claire Woodley, Andrew Gross, Luke McMullen, Marc Rasch, Ein O’Riordan, Rob Mercante, Sally Sypher, Jim Caufield, David Brin, Fred Gillen, Jr., Karen DeWitt, George Hopkins, Amy McMullen, Artie Burns, Sally Wiener Grotta, Joseph Nyre, Peter Walsh, Vinnie Dacquino, John Riciari, Steve McPartlin, Dennis Murray, Bill Machrone, Rev. Tom Sandi, Ellen Hancock, Jim Taylor, Bob Tendy, Paul Wallich, Wendy Corsi Staub, Jim Casey, Lorien Pratt, Don Delaney, Walter Jon Williams, Renee Esterbrooks, Bob Frankston, F. Paul Wilson, Gail Thackeray, Joseph Hankin, Frank Hickey, the late Al DelBello, Tod Roach, Dave Farber, Gene Schneider, Norb Vonnegut, Hedrick Smith, and many others — writers, academics, technologists, poets, politicians, clergy, journalists, law enforcement — a wide variety of interesting people with something to say!”

And I replied:

“I really appreciate your offer, but I’m going to decline. Thanks so much for reading my stories.”

And then I posted the conversation on Facebook. Old friends crawled out of the woodwork to say “You have to do it!” and “You’re going to do this; right?” And I replied, “Of course not!”

Then I began to seriously think about it. I was still just as scared as ever, but I wasn’t going to see anyone, and I was going to be calling in from home. And then I thought if I got really freaked out I could just hang up and say “Oh I’m so sorry that we got cut off!” And I decided to do it because I thought about it as a chance to make another change in my life.

So on April 17, I poured myself a glass of wine and dialed the station. And then I poured another and:

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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