I did not know you under your previous incarnation, but I did hear some background noise around me about this Justin Forest person being a predator. On the other hand, I have heard from Medium writers who have gotten in my face (not background) and told me you were dangerous. One went so far as to tell me she noticed I was having some interaction with you over the Dakota thing and believed I was in danger and that you could harm me.

All this is just crazy behavior to me on the part of the people that call you a predator and talk behind your back. And you say there are those that call me “a major troll”? I haven’t heard that one yet! Ha! That’s pretty funny! I wonder who and why anyone would think that of me?

Yes, I know that I have lost a number of so-called Medium friends and followers after writing an angry response to an anonymous person about her careless abortion. And following that I lost several others when I wouldn’t 100% believe them that Dakota was a fake. No, I like to make my own decisions, and if I’m wrong about someone, then I’m wrong. In fact, I will not be led like the other sheep. I always like to figure things out for myself. I wrote a story about it here, if you are interested in reading more about how I feel on the subject.

The reason we are even having this discussion is because I thought there was a misunderstanding on Jaden Violet’s part about what you were saying. I brought attention to it because she was the one who caused much of my pain in her response to a response to me about the abortion story response. I had never heard her name until she wrote this response telling me what a terrible person I am for writing the response and for disagreeing with someone else’s response to me. I know this probably doesn’t make much sense taken out of context, but her anger towards me made no sense because she was talking about something that I didn’t say and that didn’t happen. I believe she was the first person I ever had to block. And her response to you made no sense whatsoever. Oh, and there is another person who misinterpreted me. I believe his pseudonym is Thin Man. He was quite creative and turned around everything I said to make me look bad and then blocked me and shared screen shots of it.

I still have enough writers and readers who believe in me as a person and as a writer to let me know when I am being talked about in a negative tone, so I am still able to view both the people that I have blocked and the people who have blocked me. It is very sad to me that there are people like Jaden Violet who really don’t have anything better to do than to follow writers around and enjoy making trouble for them.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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