I just thought it was normal.

Me too.

95% of the time, he was coming for me.

Me too. My brother (three years younger) got off much, much easier. It’s so interesting but very sad that he is still really messed up at sixty-five.

he bragged and boasted about his amazing daughter. i was a straight A, musically gifted, dancing martial artist.

Very interesting. My father bragged and bragged about his talented daughter. He said I could do anything I wanted if I wanted to. BUT he told ME I was stupid and shouldn’t go to college but instead just look pretty behind a receptionist desk to get a husband. Unfortunately, unlike you, I got terrible grades in school because I couldn’t pay attention to the teacher and couldn’t comprehend what I was reading. My thoughts were everywhere, especially on the clock on the wall behind the teacher. I couldn’t wait until 3:10!! I took every lesson possible and even some I hated — piano, tennis, three types of dance, ice skating, etc., and I was the best in the class at the beginning. No one could believe that was my first day. The problem was that I didn’t get any better. I did everything half assed, and everyone else passed me by. My father’s favorite thing to do when company came over was to have me perform. He would make me sing and dance. I remember this one time singing Que Sera Sera, and for some reason he wasn’t pleased. He grabbed me in the middle of it and slapped me really hard on my arm. The imprint of his hand lasted a long time.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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