I think most people “cheat” a little on these questions, whether in a doctor’s office or hospital. And when they do, I believe it’s mostly about alcohol. There’s that little box on the form that asks if you drink at all and, if so, how much. Not many people want to admit to three or more, so they will check “social drinker.” The problem is that the doctor will then go over it again with you in the exam room. My health is very important to me, so I tell the truth first, and then watch for the doctor’s response. Question: “Three or more every day?” Answer: “No, not every day but frequently. Usually two glasses of wine with dinner, but a few times a week a cocktail before. And sometimes an after dinner drink.” Question: “Do you think you can take it down to one glass of wine a night?” Answer: “No.”

Your father probably shouldn’t be drinking at all as a diabetic. It means that he will be taking a lot more insulin, and his doctor should know that, too. Addressing does it matter what type of alcoholic drink your father had? It’s only a concern when it comes to bleeding and clotting time. Wine is a blood thinner. That is why no wine should be consumed at least ten days before a medical procedure.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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