Oh, God, so you know the pain. They say that pain from a kidney stone is the worst pain in all of medicine. I believe it. Although we didn’t have kidney stones, the “kink” you had and the fibroid I still have impacted the flow so as to mimic a stone. I didn’t want to go into it in my hospital story — too much to say — but when I felt the first shooting pain, I was alone in the house in the bathroom, and I literally fell off the toilet and onto the floor. I stayed there writhing in pain until my husband came home from work (several hours). We went to the emergency room, and there they gave me an enigma and said I was constipated. Anyway, pain so bad all weekend, I stood in front of the wall heater that was turned up to almost scorching. I walked into the ob/gyn on Monday doubled over, and he said, “Oh, is this how you felt on Friday evening? I had no idea! ” Several xrays, ultrasounds, etc., later, I was admitted to the same hospital to remove my “kidney stone” by microsurgery. The urologist muttered under his breath, “Shit, there’s no stone.” No one had any idea how I had third stage hydronephrosis and put me in a bed in the hospital then sent me home a few days later after pumping me with morphine. Gradually the pain dissipated when the fibroid lifted out of my pelvic region. And there’s more… so much more. I will write about it some day. Right now I need a drink. I still get panic attacks when talking about it. Maybe we should get together for one ;)

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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