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Motherhood is discovering you’re pregnant and feeling it’s like Christmas and your birthday every single day.

Motherhood is feeling the most incredible joy in your child’s smallest delights and developments.

Motherhood is feeling that no matter how much you love your partner, your closest family members and dearest friends, none of these loves comes close to your love for your child.

Motherhood is the most intense emotional bond you can share with another. It’s beautiful and terrifying and exciting, and the rules are always changing.

Motherhood is a series of failures and triumphs and a crazy cocktail of fear and delight.

Motherhood is keeping your children’s world safe and being there to see them become themselves in their own unique ways.

Being a mother has taught me that my heart no longer beats inside my own body.

Being a mom makes me always aware that there is the most precious life that depends on me.

Motherhood is walking around with all your nerve endings hanging out and exposed, and feeling this way is the most intense measure of being alive.

There is no other relationship in which you intimately share another person’s life the same way you do with your child.

Happy 33rd birthday, dear Amy ❤ — August 16, 2016

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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