Written in response to a friend’s question asking Susie what she’s been up to…

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A Conversation I overheard at the Nail Salon in Beverly Hills

Did I tell you I passed the real estate exam? The only problem is I haven’t been able to figure out how I’ll ever actually work! I mean by the time I usually get out of the house, it’s past eleven! And I’m so busy with my manicures, pedicures, lip and leg waxing, eyelash extensions, you know. Oh, I almost forgot to mention the telephone tree for Parents of Animals. Then there’s Neiman’s! I can’t imagine ever giving up my Tuesdays at Neimans. I’ve been shopping and doing lunch there for the past thirty years. And the returning and exchanging! I must spend at least half my life there. And the people I meet! Every time I’m at Neiman’s I have an adventure! I feel soooo close to my friends there! There’s the Lancome lady, Iris. She calls me almost every morning. She even knows not to call before ten-thirty. It’s become my wake-up call! You know, I’ve really begun to rely on her. I’m usually still half asleep, and this cheery voice on the other end of the phone says, “Good morning! Did I wake you?” And I say, “Yes, but I’ve been expecting you!” She’s soooo dear. She waits while I walk to the kitchen and pour myself my morning espresso. Then she tells me about alllll the specials. Not just Lancome. Allll the lines! And if I’m not feeling quite up to the drive, she offers to send my order free of charge! It’s soooo exciting waiting for my surprise package to arrive. I can hardly wait! It’s always stuffed full of special gifts and samples. Not just Lancome. Allll the lines! Ohhhhh, I just LOVE Neimans!

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