Written in response to a friend’s question asking Nancy what she’s been up to…

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Another Conversation at the Nail Salon

Well, as you can see, I finally got tired of the French. Don’t you think this color is interesting? Dolores just mentioned that you cancelled last week, so Lori took your standing right after mine. While I was waiting for my nails to dry… Well, it wasn’t boring. Lynn’s son, Jake, didn’t get into Harvard Westlake. Can you believe it? So shocking! I mean with Lynn and Brad related to a board member and Jake graduating from J.T.D., it’s pretty crazy. And he wasn’t even accepted at Brentwood! That could mean he might have to go to one of those other schools like Crossroads or Newroads or Newpaths… or is it Pathfinders? I don’t know. They all sound like cars to me! Anyway, some school south of the boulevard. On another note, Susie lost her housekeeper! After seven years, Irma decided she wanted to do something more with her life. Can you believe it? Poor Susie. The day before Irma gave notice, Susie had given her a surprise party for her thirtieth birthday. She served a beautiful lunch in her garden for all of Irma’s friends and relatives and gave her seven hundred dollars! One hundred dollars for every year Irma had worked for Susie. The next day Irma left to work in a toy factory! Now she has to begin interviewing all over again. You wouldn’t believe how many women I know spend most of their days in interviews. Some of them know the owners of the domestic agencies more intimately than they know their own children! Ohhh, and have I told you about Lori’s daughter’s Bat Mitzvah? Amy, Lori’s daughter, discovered from someone in her summer school class that Olivia, Lori’s friend Libby’s daughter is also planning a Bat Mitzvah, and it’s on the same day! Lori is upset because she booked the hotel and sent out all her invitations, and now Libby won’t talk to her because she wants Olivia’s Bat Mitzvah to be moved to a different date! She thinks that the two girls will be in a popularity contest, and all their friends will have to choose between who they like better and which party sounds more fun. Apparently they have chosen the same party planner, and even the party planner is getting so worked up about this that she’s spoken to her doctor about taking Paxil or Prozac. I mean between pedicures, party planners, Paxil, Prozac and Pathfinders… Anything new with you?

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Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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