S Lynn Knight, Many years ago when I was in a court reporting program after finding little to do with my BA in sociology, I had a study partner who was a married man. There was never anything between us. In fact, he once told me that he didn’t understand why all the other guys were always talking about how attractive I was because he couldn’t see it. He would say things like “You’re pretty and have something about you that makes you stand out and makes you special,” but I’m not attracted to you.” Hmmm maybe he was?

Anyway, I was only interested in him as a friend. I really did like him, as we got along really well and shared a similar sense of humor, but there wasn’t even the tiniest interest in anything other than friendship on my part. Every day after school, he would come over to my apartment, and we would put on a dictation tape and write on our reporting machines. Once in a while we’d go out for a casual dinner if his wife was working late.

He never talked about her. I never met her. One day after about two years of a wonderful friendship — we could talk about anything — he walked over to me at school and said he wouldn’t be coming over. Not that day. Not ever again. When I asked him why, he told me he couldn’t talk about it but that his wife Suzi didn’t want him to spend time with me anymore.

I was hurt and continued to ask him to explain, but he never would. I’ve always wondered if he told her something about me that wasn’t true… something to make her jealous so she would pay more attention to him. Anyway, it’s been thirty-five years, and I still miss him.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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