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Damn, it’s hot. Can’t take the heat. It’s much more comfortable over at the hospital. Never a dull moment there. Tons of work to keep me busy.

How can you just sit on the beach all day reading? I’m an active guy myself. Can’t sit still for long. Got to keep moving. Get up early and go to work. Work all day and come home. The later the better. The family’s already fed. I want my dinner alone in peace. Read the paper and listen to the news. Go to bed and start fresh the next day.

I love my work. But damn, I hate these vacations. Nothing to say to the wife. I have some really interesting cases right now. Last week’s liposuction was a real challenge. I feel so invigorated by my work.

Then on the weekends I golf and work out at the club. Beautiful new gym at the club. All the newest equipment. You get to the gym much? Nice looking women at the gym. Real nice looking. Fact is, if I wasn’t so busy at the hospital, I’d be at the gym more often.

Have I mentioned all the lookers I meet there?


Jay’s so busy at the hospital, he doesn’t have a clue what I’ve been up to. Not that he’d really care. For years I’ve been so lonely. Of course, raising three daughters keeps me pretty busy. But still, I’ve missed having someone in my life to whom I can really talk, someone who shares the same interests. I envy you, Debbie. You and Jim seem so close.

By the time Jay gets home, it’s late. The kids and I are already upstairs, finished with dinner, and halfway through with homework. He walks in the door, washes up, and sits down at the table like a king while I warm up his dinner. When I bring him his food, sometimes I’ll sit down to keep him company while he eats and reads the paper. If I try to make conversation, he tells me he can’t eat and talk at the same time. So I wait until the kids are in bed and try again.

He won’t really discuss it, but this time it’s been more than a year since we’ve been intimate. He just gets into bed, turns off the light and rolls over on his side. I’ve tried bringing it up, but it gets more and more difficult. If I ask him what’s wrong… Well, it’s either that he has a headache or he’s too tired or it’s too hot. How can you be hot with central air?

It’s really quite humiliating. He’s just not interested in me. I try to keep in shape. I didn’t let myself go and use my pregnancies as an excuse like so many other women. I’m even a whole size smaller than I was before the kids! My trainer says I have zero body fat!

Still, Jay’s not interested. He’s constantly criticizing me. If I take one bite of food from the table while I’m watching him finish his dinner, he’ll start in on me with “Haven’t you already eaten?” and “What did you do today besides shop and go out to lunch?” and “When was the last time you went to the gym?”

Oh, Debbie, I’ve been so lonely. I hope you won’t think I’m just another ungrateful doctor’s wife, but a few months ago I met someone.

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Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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