So I took the test again tonight with my daughter sitting by my side to keep me honest ;). I don’t know what happened, but when I took it for the first time yesterday, I got ESFP. Although I’ve always considered myself an extrovert, the description of ESFP did not fit me at all. In fact, I recognized that I really am an introvert who is mistaken for an extrovert because I appear so outgoing and interested in people. So I took it again and got ISFJ. I didn’t feel that was me either (mostly because this person wants to avoid conflict and confrontation), so I took it again. I got ISFP. Not me. I began to read every one of the personality types, and I think I am most like INFJ, but I never scored that one. I think it’s because my form of “service” is likely to exclude any elements of moral or political controversy. And because I “specialize” in the local, the personal, and the practical, I am more ISFJ. And that is what I got for the second time tonight. So confusing!!

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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