Taylor, you did what many women only wish they could. My mother was unhappy for more than fifty years with my father but was afraid to leave. Unfortunately, she died first, never having a chance to be happy.

I have been married and divorced three times, and I am not ashamed. My first marriage was when I was twenty-six. During our vows, My fingers felt numb, and I felt nothing. I thought perhaps it was because I was standing in front of a large crowd and was anxious. But it never felt right, and I left after only one year. My second marriage was when I was thirty-four and lasted nineteen years. He is a wonderful person and was very good to me, but he was not the right one, and I felt lonely. I have two amazing daughters, and I have no regrets. Unfortunately, I thought I found “the one” several years later, but he changed as soon as we were married. I do regret that one.

Now I am in a very fulfilling relationship with a man whom I believe is “the one,” and he would like to get married. And since I have a terrible track record and don’t believe in happily ever after, I am perfectly content remaining a three-time divorcee.

You might find the right man for you tomorrow or maybe it will be in five years or ten, but I wouldn’t worry about being single, married or divorced. That’s just a social status that is required of you to fill in at the doctor’s office.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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