Is this it? Oh, for real? I’m on? Oh, sorry. It’s a bit noisy in here and — — Sorry. I’m real sorry. I’m usually way better at this. It’s just that it’s been a really, really crazy week, but I’m fine now. Really. Huh? Oh, sorry. It’s Janna. Janna Darling. You know, Wendy Darling? Peter Pan haha! You see, my grandparents both died before I was born, and so my parents took the “J” from my grandfather Joe, and my grandmother’s name was Anna. You’re really not interested, are you? Sorry. I’m just really nervous because I need this part. My husband just left me for a younger version of me, and my kids — — I need to support them. Okay. Okay? Um so I’ll begin now.

“When he’d come home every night with gin on his — -” Whiskey. Damn it’s whiskey. “When he’d come home every night with whiskey on his breath, all you cared about was the whiskey on his breath. If you’d given him a chance, he wouldn’t be dead now. And that’s the truth. He needed us. He needed our love,and you shut him out. You told me to shut him out, and I did. And that night he called and said — -”

Wait. How am I doing so far? Do you like it? It’s awesome, isn’t it? It’s perfect for auditions. Don’t you think? Okay, so — Oh, yeah, so okay.

“All you cared about was the whiskey on his breath. You wouldn’t talk to him, and you’d go in your room and shut the door.”

And then you know what this guy does? You won’t believe — — Oh shit! I broke character! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry, but I just love the next part — — What? Oh please! You have to hear the rest! It’s really, really good, and I was just warming up. Please, please give me another chance. My husband left me, and my kids need me to pay the rent — — Please!

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Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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