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I came to Medium to write. I enjoy socializing, but Medium is not about that for me. I have seen too many online friendships dissolve in my six months here because people disagree on sensitive issues — Hillary, Donald, Feminism, Black Lives Matter, Free Love, Pro Choice/Pro Life, LGBTQ, Temperance, and other matters.

When I see people in bunches convene together and talk about their “love groups,” mention writers and label them “The Medium Greats,” it makes me uncomfortable, not for myself but for the new writers who read these stories, feel left out and become too intimidated to continue writing.

Most of us have favorite writers, just as we have highly regarded artists and musicians, but to announce these favorites by highlighting names and hoping for thank yous declaring appreciation such as “I’m so honored to be mentioned with all these other great writers,” honestly gives me pause for concern. It’s as if these people are sitting at the “popular table” in the Medium cafeteria, and it seems exceptionally grade school childish to me.

We all know the writers who use listicles to promote themselves, pretending to be experts on a subject, and the ones who publish clickbate articles hoping to attract the green hearts and captivate an audience.

Just write. Write for yourself. And if your stories are good, readers will be attracted to them and followers will naturally come along. Medium is unlike Twitter. It is unlike Facebook. Medium is unlike any and all other social media sites. Medium is a writing platform where you can discover and follow writers and express yourself to your heart’s content. Just click “publish.”

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