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Let’s Take a Step Back

To Heather Nann from Danna Colman:

You were one of the very first writers I discovered when I found Medium last December, and I have been following you ever since. I hear you; I understand you; however, I don’t always agree with your approach to problem solving.

Do you really not care what anyone thinks or feels? I understand you saying you don’t because I say those words frequently. When my daughters say, “You’re not going to wear that, are you?” I say, “Of course I am. I don’t care what anyone thinks.” But that’s different than saying we don’t care about people, because there are some really good people in this world that just don’t think the way we do. Maybe they just aren’t thinking at all! And believe me, I have a problem with that, too! I’ve had many arguments with my ex husband and daughters when they’ve told me they weren’t thinking. That’s when I say, “Well, why weren’t you thinking?”

Sometimes writers will just write without really thinking about the message that they are floating out for all the world to see. They may not be contemplating the consequences of their written words. And that’s not really okay because we’re all supposed to think ahead about the effect of our actions. But even the best of us sometimes become so eager to send out our messages that we just hit publish without aforethought.

You are a big presence here on Medium with a large following. So naturally there will be those that will feel intimidated by your demeanor and will cower and run for the hills. But is that your intent? I don’t think so. I believe you have a good heart and just want to be honest and true to yourself.

Would you be willing to take a step back now that some time has passed and reevaluate your approach? I don’t mean to request that you reexamine the way you have been thinking and your overall position. Not at all. I would just like you to find it in your heart to take a softer path to your goals so that your words don’t close down those writer’s voices permanently.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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