Well written, Lisa. Boy, you had me holding my breath. I know all the feelings you’ve described. When I wait for results, I sweat. I mean really, really sweat. My breasts even drip sweat down to my waist and then to my knees. I’m not kidding :(

In fact, I am overdue for my mammogram. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more prevalent the cancer. I get so much skin cancer from too much sun when I was young that I keep hoping the Big C won’t get me. Which reminds me of a time when I was in my mid 20s and apparently not very smart. When a girlfriend told me her father was diagnosed with MS, I stupidly said, “Well, at least he won’t get cancer.” Seriously??? I somehow thought that we’re only allowed to get one, as you call it, “bullet.”

I guess I’ll set up a few diagnostic exams and doctors’ appointments tomorrow. Thanks ;)

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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