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Why Does it Matter if Taylor Swift is Jewish?

Ned Resnikoff wrote an entire story about Taylor Swift where he points out in his introduction:

“Somehow, a Taylor Swift photo has become one of social media’s great red flags, alongside the Twitter egg and the anime avatar. If you see a Twitter account emblazoned with a Swift portrait, there’s at least a ten percent chance the person behind it is an alt-right, racist troll.

That’s because, as Vice reported back in May, white supremacists have decided that Swift is a covert Nazi and “Aryan goddess.” Without asking for it, or doing anything to deserve it, one of America’s biggest pop stars has turned into a neo-fascist icon. It’s a strange turn of events.

What makes it even stranger is that Swift, contrary to popular belief, isn’t Aryan at all. She’s a member of the Tribe. A Chosen, not a Christian. Ayenta, not a shiksa. She is, to borrow a phrase from my friend’s gentile grandmother, a Deep Hebrew.

Taylor Swift is Jewish, is what I’m getting at.”


No, Taylor Swift, who you renamed Taylor Swiftowitz is not Jewish, Ned Resnikoff, but look who is! Who would have thought?


Paula Abdul

Harry Chapin

Phoebe Snow

Cass Elliot

Arlo Guthrie

Jefferson Airplane (most of the group)

The Mamas and the Papas

Melissa Manchester

Juice Newton

Harry Connick, Jr.

Phil Ochs

Regina Spektor

Steely Dan

Laura Nyro

Wilson Phillips

Not to mention all the obvious famous Jewish singers and song writers.

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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