Yes, yes, and no.

Yes, I would share just as much with you as I am here if you and I were sitting across from each other having a chat over a glass of wine.

Yes, I feel sad about never having what you and Grace shared, but it wasn’t until I read your stories that I realized just what I was missing. You see, I have never met a couple who has demonstrated it’s possible to have a love like yours, so I wasn’t convinced it existed. Of course I’ve seen one-sided obsession all over the place, but never have I witnessed your kind of mutual admiration. Before reading your stories here, I only experienced great love in books and in movies and thought it only existed in fairytales. Now you have proven me wrong. And before I realized I was wrong, I wasn’t sad.

No, it won’t happen for me because I am no longer yearning for what I have missed. There are many things I haven’t accomplished in my life that I may feel sad about, but I am happier than I am sad, and I am content with where I am. So, no, I won’t be finding what you did.

Yours is magic.


Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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