You’re an athlete! Golf and skiing!! I’ve never been around barefoot skiing. Very cool! Where I grew up everyone took after school lessons. I took everything — tennis, golf, ice skating, tap dancing, ballet, modern jazz, acting, piano, … BUT I could only do everything half assed and never got really good at anything. I mean I was good at things I didn’t have to try to be good at like gymnastics, swimming, and volleyball because I was a natural athlete and very strong (still strong ha) , but in those days it wasn’t something we went on to do. Remember, I was just supposed to sit behind a desk and look pretty and attract a husband :(

On the other hand, my daughter, Olivia, is an excellent athlete. She played four years of Division l tennis on a full scholarship in college. She is lame when it comes to anything creative, and Amy is lame when it comes to anything athletic, but she’s a really good singer/actress and does pretty well on the piano.

My father was a good writer, and my mother was an actress at one time. She also was good at sports. So genetics…

Writer and copyeditor. “What doesn’t kill us gives us something new to write about” ~ J. Wright

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